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B12 Shot

Great for fatigue, Helps improve sleep, Energy boost , Accelerates weight loss, Reduces stress, anxiety, mental Clarity, depression. Promotes wellbeing , better mood, gives you glowing skin, balances immune system. Supports hormonal imbalance, menstrual cycle, pms, pre and post pregnancy and many more benefits.

To start off, recommended to have every 1 to 2 weeks 4 times and then stagger to once a month when you feel like you need a top up.

Vitamin C Shot

Immune booster, powerful antioxidant, Reduces Iron Deficiency, Essential for body to make collagen. Prevents cardiovascular disease, important for eye health. Works really well combined with B12 Complex because it supports healthy stress response.

B complex Shot

Supports or promotes cell health, Growth of red blood cells, Energy levels, Good eyes, healthy brain function, good digestion, Aids weightless, Healthy appetite, proper nerve function, hormone and cholesterol production. Important for pregnant and breastfeeding Mothers, also aids in fatal brain development as well as reducing the risk of birth defects. Can also ease morning sickness.

Biotin Shot

Improves skin health includes such as psoriasis, dermatitis, acne and rashes, sometimes when your deficient, it can cause the above problems. Strengthen hair and nails. If your having too much hair loss, this can help to encourage hair growth and to thicken hair. Regulates blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, supports metabolism.

IV Vitamin Infusion Drips

Anti ageing Drip

This Treatment combines magnesium, B6, B12, B1 Glutathione and amino acids. Good for targeting ageing, leaves you with glowing skin, radiant and even plumps the skin by boosting the skins collagen. If your skin is looking dull and your looking tired, this is a good treatment to have.

Slim Drip

This treatment can help you burn body fat, it can help with weightloss and also will help to give you more energy. This treatment contains, Liponex 300, Arginex L arginine, Cartinex L Carnityne.

Memory Drip

This formula is to help you concentrate more and to also help with memory.

Performa Drip

Great to enhance performance if you like to exercise and good for muscle recovery. This formula is combined with amino acids, zinc, B12 complex

Immune Boost

This formula gives a huge boost to the immune system system, so its great for lowered immunity, tiredness and fatigue

Myers plus formula

This formula is combined to give you a powerful infusion which combines Amino Acid, Magnesium, Vitamin B12, B1, B6 and Leannec. Brilliant for someone who is feeling fatigue and sluggish, good for someone with acute asthma attacks, cardiovascular disease and other disorder.

Detox Glutathione

This treatment is combined with vitamin c which can help to reduce pigmentation, anti aging, improves skin, reduces cortisol levels, helps with stress, slows down the ageing process, regenerates the liver, and can boost physical performance and recovery time.


This formula is really good for someone who is fatigue all the time and deficient in minerals and elements. Contains multivitamins including zinc, manganese, copper, vitamin C and plenty more. It is required one should normally have one treatment per week for 12 weeks and then placed on a maintenance plan. Packages and prices are made on request and can be made to suit the needs of you.