We will finally be re opening from the 12th April but I won’t be re opening until the 13th as I work from Tuesday to Saturdays. Its been a very tough year on all of us, the struggles of not being able to work, lack of contact with people from the outside world has been difficult on everybody and also very mentally challenging on a lot of us. I feel as if we have become more sensitive to situations unlike before and its quite sad. Be kind with everyone, we have all had to go through challenging situations throughout the past year, some of us have lost loved ones, marriages and relationships have broken, some have lost their jobs and depression is probably up on a rise due to all the lockdowns.

So lets be kind to each other, kindness doesn’t cost a thing, a smile is a form of charity and even a smile can cheer someone up as we have all had to deal with things during these lockdowns which we never would have expected.

Be Kind xx